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SANKT VELTEN's Purgatory

SANKT VELTEN is the Alter Ego of Arnd,
Axeman of Germany's Thrash-Veterans DARKNESS.

Here you will find all new stuff about SANKT VELTEN┬┤s subtle evil.

Sankt Velten

Sinners! Thanks for an awesome night at TRIGON in Haltern. You were great!


Rumours are circulating on the net that SANKT VELTEN have disbanded. This is false information!
SANKT VELTEN are still active and contrary to these rumours there will be news soon.

SANKT VELTEN announce their first Germany show on November 11, 2022 at TRIGON in Haltern.

SANKT VELTEN played the first show at Stara škola Club in Novi Marof near Zagreb, Croatia.
Thanks to the sinners who celebrated that night with us.

A live version of the track "I Won't Die Again" from the debut album "The discreet Charm of Evil" is now available on YouTube.

SANKT VELTEN releases first official video with complete lineup.
The video for "God's For Sale" is a first lifesign as a band and shows SANKT VELTEN is more than just a diverting project.

SANKT VELTEN released their first album as Stream, Download and on CD.

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